Christ-centered Communication

Do you long for communication that reflects truth, reveals the way and brings life?

Regardless of any natural eloquence we may or may not have, Christ-centered communication is a matter of the heart.

Our words are infinitely more than a combination of letters and syllables. They carry the power of life and are able to create, uplift and enlighten. Eloquentia Communications offers professional language services, supporting communicators with an eternal outlook.

Whether you are an individual believer, book publisher, magazine or journal publishing company or author of Christian e-books, it would be our pleasure to assist you.

Eloquentia Communications' Proofreading and Editing Services

We proofread documents with precision, attention and care, eliminating

  • Grammatical
  • Spelling
  • Typographical and
  • Punctuation mistakes

We also keep an eye out for abbreviations, citations, numbers and other house or company style elements, in order to ensure correct usage.

If you would like content-related support in addition to the above, our editing service focuses on

  • Strengthening your voice, style and presentation
  • Safeguarding the compatibility of message and tone
  • Improving readability and thus enhancing the reader's experience
  • Providing organizational and sentence structure recommendations
  • Consistency checks

You can also read Eloquentia Communications' Professional Editing Services page for an overview.

Facilitating Connections through Communication

Eloquentia Communications supports the communication of Christian messages through language services.

We provide tailored editing and proofreading services based on

  • your (organization's) relational context;
  • your specific message and linguistic needs;
  • your goals.

For more information about our approach, please read about Eloquentia Communications.

Eloquentia Communications: your linguistic partner

Do you care about communication that makes Christ known?

If you desire to make Him known, communicate with intent, and create authentic connections, it would be our pleasure to partner with you.

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