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You've found an online haven that is filled with inspirational quotes  and encouraging words for a life of faith, hope, and love.

The Encouragement Haven is designed to be a place of rest, hope, and encouragement, offering you relaxation, connection and inspiration.

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Why an Encouragement Haven?

We all know how a good laugh, a moment of connection, or a friendly word can make such a difference on any given day. How having somewhere to go to, someone to share with, or something that says "You are going to be all right" can give you just that extra 'oomph' you need!

The Encouragement Haven is designed to be such a place.

A place where you will find rest, inspiration, food for thought, encouragement, refreshing items, resources for life, and like-minded people you can connect with.

The Encouragement Haven combines the little and big things that make life worth living in an encouraging way. As far as we are concerned, there is enough 'ugliness' in this world. The Encouragement Haven is where you come to find an antidote.

You are welcome anytime of the day for a time of relaxation and connection, and we hope that you will leave with that extra bounce in your step!


Living a life of Faith, Hope & Love

Life is a gift, and what a magnificent one it is!

Yet, as we all experience, the journey of life can also be full of challenges. The Encouragement Haven is designed to function as a fueling station. A place where you can take a break and recharge as you travel the highways of life.

Be it on a bright and sunny day, a dark night of the soul, or any shade of life in between, the Encouragement Haven has an inspirational quote, a word of encouragement, and a helpful resource waiting for you!

Are you enjoying a bright and sunny day? Come take a splash in the pools filled with quotes about life.

To navigate life's stormy seas, cross its bridges of transition and cope with change, the words of wisdom sprinkled through may well be your guide.

Feeling like you have lost your way? Take a deep breath; please allow these words of encouragement to lift you up and renew your hope.                                                 

Take your time, look around! May these great inspirational quotes, encouraging resources, and more help you give, share, and cultivate a life of faith, hope, and love!


Ready to be inspired?

Come in, and let the inspiration & encouragement flow!

How does it work?

The inspirational quotes have been organized around specific themes. The main inspiration havens contain:

In each inspiration haven you will find related themes, sub-havens full of encouraging words & resources for an inspiring life.

Start your Journey

You could start your journey by

  • exploring one of the havens (by clicking on its name);
  • using the Navigation Bar on your right,
  • clicking on the image links below; or
  • by following the in-text signs, which will lead you to related havens.

We hope that you will be blessed & refreshed and that you will visit often!


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